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This is a post about style. Timeless style. Fathers Day fell on my parents anniversary this year and well, all I can say is that I’m rather grateful that they met and well, had my brothers and me. But they didn’t just meet, marry, make a home and have kids; they did it with style. They tied the knot in Williamsburg, VA at Brewton Parish (my mother taught at the College of William and Mary) … their reception was in Mom’s hometown of Yorktown, VA in the graceful Nelson House. Oh yea, and because Dad wasn’t very good at waiting — from proposal to “I do” took 5 weeks — so their elegant wedding was a result quick decisions — about style.


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One thing about my grandmother: she had a clear sense of style, and that always helped her make decisions. Mom inherited that sense of style — and quite frankly, I think that’s part of why she said yes to Dad whose style was a timeless as his values.

I have a philosophy on style: if it can be called elegant today, it can usually be called elegant tomorrow and next year and a decade from now. If it’s in vogue and walking many of the catwalks of fashion week, it might always be admired, but not necessarily what could be called timeless. My mother laid the groundwork in me for appreciating timeless style, and interestingly, plenty of the 50s fashion seems to fall into a more timeless category — just when my parent’s wedding was.


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, Style, Lifestyle, Wedding, Timelessstyle, Williamsburg

From this point, they headed south and eventually made a home of an old plantation…that’s where my brothers and I came into the picture….and the dinner jackets moved over for hunting vests. But the style remains timeless.


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