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My hero doesn’t know me, but I think he’s just about the coolest guy out there. I was introduced to Hank Shaw (OK, just his book, Hunt, Gather, Cook) by a friend who told me I’d like his recipes and writing style — and yes, I do. But there’s more: Hank Shaw actually does what so many people say they’re going to do or be. Hank is the definition of authentic when it comes to knowing exactly what his food is and where it comes from. Remember Euell Gibbons, the outdoorsman who taught us (a few years back) about how to eat roots and leaves and everything in between? Well Hank Shaw takes natural living to an entirely new level and explains how to catch, find, or hunt dinner — and then how to prepare it well.  I’m realisitic, I just know there’ll never be a time I’ll cook up snowshoe hare or eat nettles (the stinging kind), but Hank even makes these sound, well, attractive. But his bluegill, or wild pig, and certainly anything venion…those work for me.

When you get the chance, check this book out. It’s worth your time.


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