Dried Figs



For my entire life, my mother and I have made fig preserves with the figs our trees generously give us each summer. This year, I tried the new food dehydrator (I love the thing!) to make dried figs which ended up being a huge hit with the entire family — they even ended up being the most requested lunchbox item. Who knew…


First: the harvest.



Picking Figs



The picking to eating ratio was a small issue — but after a while, even the best eaters slow down.

Next, half them and put them on the drying racks.




The wonderful thing about a food dehydrator is that it makes you appear to be far more advanced in the kitchen than you might be. It does the work for you and you can give the kids all the credit (that way, they’ll help you harvest again next year!)




Credit aside, they really were tasty — and remarkably easy to make: pick them, slice them, then dry them. Done!






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