The Deer Stand Essentials List

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Somehow deer season sneaked up on us this year. I mean, one minute it’s summer fun and the next, well…we’re here! And nobody in the world is happier than my 11 year old son (AKA “the Gear Hound”) who seems more interested in what gear we need to have organized for heading into the deer stand than what he needs to know for his upcoming school year. Go figure.


But the kid has a point. Last year, it seemed every time we headed for the deer stand, we were just a little behind schedule … so here’s the scenario (I know, it’s just me, no way it’s you): mom’s running around with her hair on fire because we don’t want to get into the stand too late … the kid can’t find his boots … and never mind the boots — where’s the Thermacell? (If you’re unfamiliar with a Thermacell, you’re lucky. You must live in a place where there are no tormenting gnats, flies, horseflies, or mosquitoes. Suffice to say, I’m in love with the person who invented them and I hope he/she is somewhere on a beach sipping out of a tall glass with a little umbrella in it — it’s well deserved. In fact, I hope he/she has a private jet with hot pilots and…oh, enough. I digress. I just really appreciate the Thermacell. More on these in another post, because if you haven’t guessed, I’m really into them.)


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, hunting, deer hunting, what to take into deer stand, thermacell

There’s one other thing that my Gear Hound convinced me to get and I’m oh so glad I did: a blood trailing flashlight. It’s something that can make a huge difference when it’s twilight (or dark) and you’re trying to find the deer you know is out there. I’m putting this in so you’ll know what it is on the list below.

deer hunting, deer stand, what to take into the deer stand, deer gear

This is the light I have. Primos BLOODHUNTER HD Blood Trailing Spotlight. The name sounds super morbid to me, but it has proven to be worth its weight in gold.



So here’s Alligator Hall’s “Deer Gear” checklist:

(By the way, I’m not getting into what we’ll wear, that’s another post. Here’s the stuff, just plain stuff we’ll have with us.)

  • LicenseĀ  (First and foremost.)
  • Rifle/ammunition (duh.)
  • Cell phone (with the ringer muted.)
  • Hearing protection. (Some people don’t like this because they say you have to hear the deer…I’m good with that. But I still want my hearing protected when I know the rifle’s trigger is about to be pulled.)
  • Flashlight (don’t just rely on the flashlight app you have on your phone, by the way. Get a good flashlight — you’ll want it when you need it. Plus, you use a whole lot of your phone’s battery with the flashlight app. You might well need that phone after it has run out of battery…)
  • Blood tracker flashlight if you have one
  • Binoculars
  • Thermacell (did I mention I won’t go into the stand without one?)
  • Knife
  • Small nylon rope for pulling gun up into the stand (we call it the “pull up rope”. Don’t go climbing into anything with guns hanging on you, please.
  • Drag Rope (or use your cell phone to call in the helpers to aid in taking the deer out of the woods. That’s what I do.)
  • String for tagging
  • GPS — if you have to track at all, it’s good to know where you are….
  • Scent attractants (Santa gave me “Doe Pee” for Christmas last year. Nice, huh? What’s alarming is that I was OK with that.)
  • Water Bottle
  • Whistle (in case of emergency)


Now comes the comfort stuff you will be glad you have:


  • Reading glasses if you need them. I sure don’t…oh no. No way. Nope.
  • Reading/writing material: Kindle/Nook/book/Ipad/notebook/stationary
  • A comfortable pillow! Just a small one will do, but you’ll be SO glad you have it.
  • Snacks that don’t smell like venison

OK, ready to go! Oh yea, and what about the school supplies? Oh, I’m on that now.


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