Blue Crabs in the Pond

Around here, crabbing is a summer tradition. The rivers and creeks are the perfect habitat for blue crab and everybody, including the local alligators, love to eat them.


Over the Spring, something went a little wrong in one of the ponds — a floodgate to a tidal creek developed a leak that raised the salinity of the water in the pond.¬† As they say, in adversity comes opportunity — and the crabs decided that the pond was the place to be.


As for us, it has created the perfect afternoon adventure scenario: Crabbing!


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, Crabbing

First, hike to the pond. Then throw out a little bait¬† (chicken necks on a string) … and viola!


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, crabbing


So we caught crabs. Not just any crabs….these were HONKIN crabs — some of the biggest we’ve seen in these parts ever! (OK, so “honkin” was weird. Its just came out — there pondside, and we stuck with it. So honkin it is…)


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, Crabbing IMG_1492


This will give you an idea of just how big these crabs get. Interestingly, somehow, they get larger when in fresher water — even though they’re a salt water species.


IMG_1486 IMG_1491


The net result…dinner! And more. Far more.

It’s almost becoming cliche to say “unplugged”. But you can see where I’m going with this — it was one of the purest forms of “unplugged” we could have experienced. We’re manning the crab lines like a surf caster on the beach: numerous lines in the water, and trotting between the lines to see if there’s any action on the ends of any of them. Giggling, talking, telling stories — I know I know, it’s all cliche. But it’s not. It’s this mother’s dream.


All those years in the big city morphed into a dream of raising my kids in the country — doing just this: crabbing on a summer day.


Click here for a great crab dip recipe!




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