Mistletoe Tradition Then and Now


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Nobody seems to know the actual reason we have the Christmas mistletoe traditions, and there are a variety of versions.  One centers on Baldur, the grandson of the Norse god Thor who decided that all the plants and animals on earth wanted to kill him. His mom and wife tried to console him, but finally to get peace, they went to all the animals and plants on the earth and asked them not to harm their poor Baldur. All agreed.


And when Baldur, relieved, stepped out of hiding, he was stabbed in the heart by an arrow made from a mistletoe plant. It was the one plant his mom and wife had overlooked. So we hang the mistletoe as a way to never forget. And we kiss underneath for a kiss to Baldur by his mother and wife. Dreary, huh?



Want racier? OK,  another version of the story is that the druids saw the plant as magical and hung it over their doors for luck. Others thought it was for fertility (now we’re talking) because its seeds are so sticky, and sticky seeds are good on the fertility front, if you know what I mean. Ahem. So if you’re wanting a bambino, then a kiss under the mistletoe makes some real sense…


The rest of us just love the mistletoe as a way to sneak a kiss, period. My kids are still at the WONDERFUL stage where they’ll stand under the mistletoe staring at me with a big grin and then run away giggling as I try to grab them for those mommy kisses I’ll never get enough of.


But we have another tradition…it’s called GETTING the mistletoe, and it involves a shotgun, earplugs, and lots of laughs. Well how else do you get a plant out of the top of a tall tree??  And that’s where the fun comes in.


Look, it’s a mistletoe HUNT … and it’s true, no mistletoe is safe…







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