Three Generations…one Quail Hunt


My father was an avid quail hunter. Although he LOVED every type of hunting, I’d say quail hunting was his favorite for two reasons: because of the camaraderie and because he loved to watch the dogs work.  He also had a buddy who felt the same way — and today, those two mens’ daughters carry the same torch for their own kids. Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of joining my great friend (my father’s pal’s daughter — ya following?) quail hunting on her amazing place. Yup, the same place our daddies used to hunt together. Cool.


The story is still better. When her dad got older (he’s pushing 90  today and still out hunting with us!), he had to make a decision on whether or not to sell his land. His baby girl, now grown up, made it a priority to buy it from her dad. If she could do it, she wanted her kids to have what she had with her dad.


So I’ll let the pictures tell the story.  It’s a simple one: it’s about camaraderie and watching great dogs work. Oh, and by the way, this hunt was a multi-generational hunt. The ages ranged from 8 (my son) to 89 (her dad). THAT’s what it’s all about.



There are positively no better scouts than kids. Believe me, if you miss, they’ll let you know. And if you hit, they want credit for finding it. It’s a good combination.


The open long leaf pine landscape lends itself to great quail habitat.


Vapor trails, indigo blue skies, long shadows, great dogs. What’s not to love/adore/cherish?


As I said, all ages: 8-89. Shooters, non shooters, setters, pointers and non-pointers. Only my lab thinks he is a pointer. No really, my lab thinks he’s a pointer.


See, told ya.


He’s usually right. It’s pretty hilarious to watch people who’ve never seen a lab point. They don’t take the poor guy seriously. Until they do. Know what I mean?


They call this a Mackerel sky. Like the scales of the fish.


Totally unintimidated by my pointing lab, Atticus was rock solid. As always.


I swear I was shooting at a quail. The camera just didn’t pick it up. No, seriously.


Gertie always looks like she’s playing “Twister” when she points. The German Shorthair Pointer we’d all like to have. An angel in the house (for real!) and in the field. Can she train my kids?


Now starts the camaraderie part I love so much…lunch in the field! Me? Hungry?….Nah…


It’s a shame Christmas has just past. I LOVE what this cooker did with ribs. I hear it’s also amazing with everything from turkey to chicken to duck to Boston Butt. I’m going to have a lot more to say about this — after I convince someone to get it for me for…ummm….a Valentines Day present? President’s Day? A party favor for my son’s 9th birthday? Oh, I’ll think of something.


Sweet tea, ribs, and the very best company there is in the world: your hunting buddies. Can it get any better? No way.


Until you get that sweet sleep on the way home.

What else can I say. Except, thank you: to my friend, to her dad, and to mine.


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