How we Caught Santa on Camera


It’s a long story….but it happened here last year.  It went like this….

Early December:

We all know there’s an insane rumor going on among teenagers and some adults that there is, ahem, no Santa. Yes, no Santa. As I said, insanity. And that’s what brought on some questions by my young son — even he, the most die hard Santa fan was wavering. No! No way! I wouldn’t t go along with this. It was time to settle this once and for all. How?


We decided to hide a game camera in the living room to catch Santa at his job. Drastic times call for drastic measures.


So really, this post was about game cameras. Which is the best one for a job this important.


Here’s how the plan worked. Every Christmas Eve, the kids get to open one present each — so the older son got to get his very own game camera. Then…I proposed the idea that we catch Santa with the camera. The rest — well, you’ll have to see what we saw (tomorrow!  c’mon, a little suspense!) — but I was certain, in fact positive we’d get some good pictures of Santa. No doubt.


Now, which camera is the right one? And here’s where I got a little technical. But if you’ve got a husband, friend, or YOU want a good game camera, here was my review.


Let’s start with Game Camera 101. Called anything from deer cameras, to trail cameras, to game cameras, it’s a camera that can be mounted onto a tree, post, whatever, and has a motion sensor triggered by game walking into a detection area.  It helps hunters know what’s feeding at the feeder, what game is using a certain trail, etc. Around here, they’re largely used by the deer and turkey hunters. If you have a hunter in your home — consider one of these to go under the tree this year.


Here are three good game cameras on the market today — in three price ranges.


Moultrie M-880C 8MP Trail Camera


Moultrie M-880C 8MP Trail Camera  $149 at Cabela’s.

Here’s a smallish camera that takes both photos and video. It has plenty of flash power catch night images and can also take time lapse photos to the hunter can see what’s happening there over the course of a night.  It’s flashes will go as far as 70 feet. If Santa is up to 50 feet away, he’ll set off the camera. Not bad!


Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 1.56.52 PM

Cabela’s Outfitter Series 10MP Trail Camera


Cabela’s Outfitter Series 10MP Trail Camera with Color Night Video at $299.

This camera features a wider and longer detection range — which means you won’t just catch part of the animal in the frame, but hugely increase the possibility of getting it into the whole photograph.  Both day and night, it can take full-color, high resolution photos and video and even has a time-lapse function that lets the hunter see what’s happening throughout the day in that specific location.  This might work well for Santa — we’ll be able to see him in color — even in the dark of night.



Reconyx Hyperfire HC Trail Camera

Reconyx Hyperfire HC Trail Camera at about $550.

If budget is not so much of an issue, this is an amazing camera. It has a technology that cuts out the red glow that usually spooks game. It has an infrared flash that can photo game up to 60 feet away, and it also can take video. If you REALLY want to catch Santa in motion picture high definition resolution action, this is the camera for you.  It takes great color photos by day, and monochrome photos by night. For the avid hunter, this is a terrific present.


Now back to Santa…you know the plan. I have a goooood feeling about this. Watch what happens!


Santa Taking a Cookie




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