The Sometimes Annual Sporting Clays Awards Dinner


See the “Shooting 100%” post and you’ll know that my amazing (of course!) kid hit the first clay he ever shot at — and after a little huddle, he and I decided he should stop there. For as long as he holds out, he gets to be the ONLY person our friends know who shoots targets — but has never missed.  A perfect shot. Wonderful! (Albeit for just a moment!)


Given he was shooting at a neighbor’s “First Maybe Annual Clays Shoot” and the stakes were high because of the caliber of the trophies for High Gun in both the Mens and Womens divisions,


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, shooting


we all knew the awards dinner would be over the top.  And it was.


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, shooting, Clays Dinner

But something unexpected and wonderful happened at the end of the dinner — one of those last minute additions to an evening that ends up being talked about for years. It was an inspired idea:  the (suddenly!) coveted, vaulted, always disputed, push-old-ladies-out-of-the-way-just-to-touch The Sometimes Annual Sporting Clays Awards Dinner  Perpetual Trophy. And it was awarded to none other than Mr. Perfect Score.


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, shooting, Clays Dinner, trophy


A last second brainstorm to make a little boy want to shoot more gave a cool old tarnished 1908 golf trophy its unlikely (and unexpected) new life as the perpetual NEW clays trophy — and nobody could have been happier.




(I would love to have done a piece on the actual trophy itself — I’ll do that another time. I’m there, I promise! — these are the things with the patina and character that last for generations, especially when given a little life and a little love.)




On the life front, two new ones kicked up that night: the life of the perpetual trophy…and the life of a budding new shooter.


And yes, he slept with the trophy.





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