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Have you ever noticed there is a “club” of sorts in the fishing world? If you’re out there fishing for the same thing at the same time, then… you’re a part of the club that’s out there fishing for the same thing at the same time. (Unless you’re in tight quarters and grumpy with your neighbor’s casts into “your” water…)


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Last year, my boys and I wandered out to the end of the dock – Zebco Spiderman kid’s pole in one hand, a Shakespeare’s finest kit in the other – and under my arm was a cast net…I had the huge responsibility of providing the bait. The spottail bass (A.K.A. Red Drum or Redfish) were running, and the boys wanted to catch dinner.


Thank goodness – after a couple of pathetic casts by Mom, a couple (literally) of unlucky shrimp ended up in the net and quickly back out in the water attached to lines. But after a bunch of unsuccessful casts, my little team was looking at me as if I’d caught the wrong shrimp. Mutiny was imminent. No dinner tonight. Things were getting ugly.


Until a boat with a couple of “club members” floated by – fellow fishermen who (of course) had been HUGELY successful. They gleefully held up big fish after big fish – my boys looking at me like, “see Mom, they had the right shrimp”. And sure enough, it seems those guys did — and they clearly felt sorry for me. One of the guys asked my son to cast into the boat where he put one of his shrimp onto the line. Then he instructed my boy to reel it in and cast it right THERE, and he pointed to a spot on the water. My little angler nailed the spot. And a couple of cranks on the reel and ZING! A nice sized spottail bass gave him a run for his money. The fun of the club: I don’t know who was happiest – the guys in the boat, my sons, or me (I was in the clear!). I didn’t get a picture of those guys. But I’ll never forget them – they accepted my boys into a special club.


Alligator Hall, Sarah Sanford, Fishing, Bass



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